Afrika Kibbutz


Mission statement:
To enable, empower and equip people to develop and maintain a self-sufficient and sustainable living and to make a valued contribution to the communities which they live in.
To settle thousands of people in self-sufficient and sustainable communities, that will enable and equip them to make a valued contribution to the broader economy.

Afrika Kibbutz activities


Afrika Kibbutz 1km

Afrika Kibbutz Stigting/Foundation is the brainchild of a group of highly skilled people who are passionate about people living productive lives, the environment and life itself. This project and all the planning that goes along with it, is the result of more than nine years of research and a multitude of studies conducted by various groups and/or individuals combined together. 

The success of any Kibbutz system anywhere in the world has proven to be a strong cultural focus regardless of where any of these projects are conducted. The world over, Kibbutz-like communities prosper solely because of the harmony in the cultural identity of that group. Cultural differences put a lot of strain on any project of this magnitude and are often the only factor that derails such an endeavour.   

Full sustainability does not really mean that people successfully grow vegetables in their back garden and keep some chickens and sheep on a piece of land to live off. Full sustainability requires far more than that. It requires maintaining a micro-economy that can stand independently from any other economy and that can provide work for a specific community. The aim is not to isolate such communities, but to create a market that will generate currency to sustain this lifestyle. As more individuals or families are added to that cycle, the skills needed to sustain this lifestyle will grow and would require further skills development and the establishment of more and more communities. That is why we aim to establish micro-industries that will effectively prepare individuals to be employed elsewhere too, bringing the cycle of self-sustainable living to a full circle, effectively creating a recycling of essential skills. Along with that we aim to provide comprehensive stewardship training and mentoring to prevent future dependency or redundancy.That is why Afrika Kibbutz Stigting/Foundation will focus on establishing communities where all the inhabitants have the same cultural background in order to achieve the best results in productivity.Our programme will ultimately include the acquisition of a fully commercial farm that will serve as a training facility and head office and support centre for several Kibbutz communities. Each Kibbutz community will have a commercial branch that will run alongside each Kibbutz. The commercial branch will in each case provide the much needed sustainability factor for that community

The world over, communities are moving in this direction, some with great success and some not. This model will be built on the principles followed in Israel, but it will adopt an Afrikaner culture of ingenuity and resolve putting the saying “’n Boermaak ‘n plan” at the top of the agenda. After a long hard look at the various skills going to waste in our White squatter communities and after interviewing scores of potential candidates in order to measure the possible success of such a venture, it became clear that an abundance of skills and a willingness to work hard and to be pioneers exist among most of them. After considering all of this, one can only realise that these people can still add tremendous value to our economy, without being a burden on the state or its taxpayers and can create a wealth of opportunities for others in similar ventures elsewhere. The world has many examples of micro-farming and full commercial farming forming highly successful partnerships. That is why the aim is to establish this kind of relationship from the outset, making the community the main focus.

Farm near Upington Farming oportunities for Kibbutz Candidates. Perfect Environment
Part of the fully commercial farm near Upington in the Northern Cape, South Africa, we aim to purchase. This farm already has a sufficient turnover that can provide full sustainability to the whole program. We aim to establish a growing number of job opportunities to accommodate a continuous influx of Kibbutz candidates. We will train and equip them to become self-sufficient in a fully sustainable environment. 

Rehabilitating people who have been unemployed for a while is our ultimate goal. This farm provides the perfect environment for that, along with a multitude of possibilities. Our Social Services and Community Support Centre will be based here.